About Us

Rosehill Security is a division of Rosehill Polymers Group, a leading polyurethane systems manufacturer, specialising in the development and manufacture of elastomers and engineered rubber products.

By combining over 25 years of market-leading experience in the design and development of moulded rubber products, with real-world security experience and technical expertise, we developed a range of innovative rubber perimeter security products and ballistic solutions that have been installed across the globe.

With hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) a matter of national and commercial security, Rosehill Security has now developed the Impakt Defender to address hostile vehicle mitigation, particularly in high threat environments.

Whether it’s for a large-scale oil refinery or a public car park, perimeter security or hostile vehicle mitigation, we have the knowledge and experience to help you design and implement a comprehensive security strategy.

To find out more about how we approach projects, please take a look at the Our Approach page or contact us to speak to one of our perimeter security experts.

About Us