Security Products

All Rosehill Security’s products share a long standing reputation for technical excellence and providing cost-effective solutions for our clients. 

Our innovative range of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM), perimeter security and ballistic products are manufactured in the UK using 100% recycled rubber bonded with polyurethane for strength and durability. Their tough construction enables them to be installed almost anywhere, removed and used again and again. 

Our products include:


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Rapid Defender

Designed to provide protection for crowds of people at events from vehicle as a weapon (VAAW) attacks, the Rapid Defender is a temporary vehicle security barrier (VSB) that can be deployed in minutes. Find out more

Impakt Defender

The Impakt Defender is an IWA14 rated vehicle security barrier (VSB) designed to protect people, buildings and infrastructure from hostile vehicle attack as part of a robust hostile vehicle mitigation strategy. Find out more

Impakt Fence

A unique vehicle security barrier (VSB) with integrated high security perimeter fencing, the Impakt Fence is designed to prevent unauthorised entry and protect people and buildings from hostile vehicle attacks. 
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Anti-Trespass Panels

A proven physical and visual perimeter security solution designed to work in conjunction with other measures to deter and delay potential attacks. Find out more

ATP+ System

Developed to deter, detect, and delay intruders at the perimeter, the ATP+ system is a reliable and durable perimeter protection solution with very low maintenance costs. Find out more

Ballistic Solutions

A range of BS EN 1522/23 standard engineered rubber ballistic blocks and panels designed to eliminate bullet fragmentation, minimise ricochet hazards and impact noise for shooting ranges and shoot houses. Find out more