ATP Plus System

Specially developed to deter, detect, and delay intruders at the perimeter, the ATP+ system is a reliable and durable perimeter protection solution with very low maintenance costs. Designed for use inside or outside the perimeter and within clear zones, it combines proven solutions from Rosehill Security and OPTEX.

Deter & Delay - Rosehill’s Anti-Trespass Panels provide a physical and visual deterrent helping dissuade and prevent adversaries from conducting an intrusion by making the perimeter appear too physically difficult to overcome without likelihood of failure or detection.

Detect - OPTEX’s Fiber Sensys, the fibre optic detection system underneath the Anti-Trespass Panels, detects any unauthorised intrusions across the perimeter and raises an alarm.

Transmitting only light, the fibre optic cable is intrinsically safe for use in all environments, including chemical depots and petrochemical sites. Linked to an on-site or off-site intelligent alarm processing unit the system discriminates between intruders and non-threatening events such as animals, rain, foliage etc.

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  • Deters, detects & delays intrusions
  • Reliable, long lasting solution with very low maintenance costs
  • Modular solution that can easily be combined with fences & other measures
  • Resistant to wind, temperature extremes and corrosive environments
  • Unparalleled intelligent sensing technology
  • No limit to size of site or number of zones
  • No single point of failure
  • Integrated with a number of VMS, PSIM and access control platforms






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